In Japan, many shows are held in the every region. Among them, Kokuhu-ten, Taikan-ten, and Gafu-ten exhibition are three maximum scale shows. At our shop, We prepared those photograph collections.

* Kokuhu-ten exhibition:
It is high level show held in Tokyo in February every year, which the scale is the largest in Japan and a highest-class work gathers from the whole country. The exhibit is broad from a large works to a small works, and many lovers are visiting also from overseas to inspection.

* Taikan-ten exhibition:
It is the show held in Kyoto late in November every year.
The small works is also exhibited although there are many large works to medium works.

* Gafu-ten exhibition:
It is the show held in Kyoto in January every year based on small works.
The degree of completeness of tree is high one by one, and the idea was elaborated also on decoration of no one but small works.

Collection of Photographs
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