Yoshoen is in the place convenient to public transportation very near from
a neighboring highway and also from an airport.

Traffic to Yoshoen
By the car Turn left soon when you pass the airport exit of a Hanshin Expressway Ikeda line towards Nose and Kameoka, From the terminal point (the 2nd exit of Kibe) of the highway.Get off soon you'll find Yoshoen alongside of the road.
By the train Yoshoen is 2km to the north from the Hankyu Takarazuka line Ikeda station. Please come by taxi or bus.

Urabe Yoshoen

347-1 Kibe-cho Ikeda-shi Osaka-fu Japan
Tel 0727-51-3813
Fax 0727-53-3769

Inguiry for Yoshoen e-mail (info@yoshoen.com) or phone (0727-51-3813)