・Yoshoen sells the bonsai by the Internet mail order. Please use.
・There are always 5000 or more bonsais in Yoshoen, and the price is indicated on all of them.
・The small bonsai, the large bonsai, various bonsai materials, lower grass, etc. are sold abundantly.
・All various bonsai materials(pot, decoration stand, care tools, manure soil, doll only used for
 bonsais,and others) are also sold.
・There are an exhibition hall, the work room, a materials counter, a bonsai counter, training space,
 and a place that keeps the bonsai in Yoshoen.
・Since Yoshoen has the garden which can play for all day even if a visitor does not do some shopping,
 please come to Yoshoen freely.
・Large-sized parking lot is fully equiped. (Large-sized bus parking is possible)
・Wholesale to a contractor is also carried out in Yoshoen.( A bonsai store, a horticulture store, a florist,