Yoshoen is carrying out wholesale sale to the contractor of Bonsai stores, spot sale stores, florists, gardenings, mail order contractors, and an overseas.

For the sale to the distant contractor,we use the delivery service.

Since Yoshoen is doing best efforts selling of the Bonsai, lease, a custody, care, etc.,
We meet your demand for.Please ask if you want

Since Yoshoen always holds the many Bonsais and seasonal horticulture articles of about 5000 pots, and various Bonsai horticulture materials, We can preparethe goods you hope.

Although Yoshoen holds almost all kinds of the Bonsai . There are big changes of the amount of money, a kind, etc. are changed by time, please ask for details.

Containers/pots, decoration, materials, etc. are always sold, please ask for details.
(The amount of money, a size, a form, the ground, color, etc.)

We will make a catalog, if you tell us the details of the goods you want.