Yoshoen is the store of Bonsai which can be enjoyed to beginner - advancedr persons.

Since We are offering a wide range of products even with small to large and expensiveto cheap articles,
all visitors can be satisfied.

Bonsai related materials are always priced sold with the price indicated.

Yoshoen has the place where a visitor can spends time for all day long, a standing exhibition hall, a place only for custodies (ban on general entry), etc.

If it is the thing of the Bonsai, please ask Yoshoen how to enjoy the Bonsai, how to make, How to manage, how to decorate, etc. altogether.

If you are in trouble of disposal of the Bonsai etc., please consult at once. We also do trade-in and acquisition.

* Under Bonsai lesson is opening.

* Parking lot is fully equiped. (large-sized bus O.K.)

* The standing exhibition room and the meeting space also fully equipped.

* We also do the loan of the Bonsai, and work and management of a Bonsai garden.

* Wholesale sale is also carried out to the horticulture store and the Bonsai store.