Recently, those who are going to begin the bonsai come to the store often.
The young male and female are enjoying the bonsai specially.

Foreign one also comes to the store and the bonsai is enjoying itself mostly also overseas.
The bonsai is popular also in television, a magazine, and the mail order industry.
The those who want to begin should also come to Yoshoen once those who does not know the bonsai.
The image of your bonsai surely changes. Let's enjoy ourselves all together

Those who want to like horticulture and the bonsai and to make it into an occupation.
(Japan and foreign country)
Those who want to open a bonsai garden in the future.
Those who want to learn bonsai technology.
Those who want to learn the know-how of Yoshoen.
Those old age wants to look forward to the bonsai.
The time and date is free to set why don't you it help Yoshoen?
Please ask a detailed thing.