Yoshoen can use the work room is open for free.

・ Please consult, if a visitor wants to send to a show.
・If a visitor hopes, it can send to the show of Yoshoen.(January, May, and September.)
・Trade-in of the bonsai and loan sale can also be performed.
・Various credit cards can be used.
・ Delivery of the bonsai is also possible.
・If there is a demand, please tell us.

・We provide a pro's advice to do care of pruning, wire credit, a transplant, etc by yourself.(Wire, the manure soil, etc. will cost.)

・If there is a request of a visitor, a pro will repair. (Charge)

・A visitor's bonsai can also be kept and cared for. (Charge)

・Care for a visitor sending to a show is also carried out.

・ Please ask for details.

We have special rack for custedy.
We will keep in a good condition.

・For those who need recovery of damaged plant.
・For those who send to show.
・For those whoare lack of confidence in care of Bonsai.
・For those who want to make ideal Bonsai.
・For those who don't have space to keep Bonsai.

We will make an estimate,because charge will change depends on your reguest.